Group leader in Microbiology Full-time – Toulouse

Group leader in Microbiology Full-time

Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI)



The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse launches its annual call for the recruitment of group leaders, focusing this year on microbiology. Applicants developing highly innovative projects, with emphasis on quantitative and computational approaches, integrative structural biology, mechanisms of resistance, tolerance and persistence to antibiotics, or interactions between microbes and their host or their viruses are welcome to apply.

The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI; is a prominent research centre in fundamental biology operated by the University of Toulouse (UT) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). It is located in the southwest of France on the main Campus of the Université Toulouse III- Paul Sabatier (, offering multidisciplinary education in all fields of science, health, engineering, and technology, representing one of the most important scientific research clusters in France.

The CBI currently brings together 400 scientists working in internationally recognized research groups, studying fundamental aspects of the structure and function of  complex biological systems. Research at CBI covers  all scales from individual molecules to whole organisms and animal groups. Research at the CBI is multidisciplinary,  combining a wide range of fields including structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics, genetics, genomics and epigenetics as well as cell biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, collective animal behaviour, and computational  and systems biology.

CBI facilities for the manipulation of microbes include live imaging and L2 laboratories. Other in-house core facilities include animal facilities (mice, zebrafish, drosophila and social insects, C. elegans …), light imaging including super-resolution setups, electron microscopy including a newly installed Talos Arctica/K3-Bioquantum, image and NGS data analysis. Deep sequencing and proteomics, X-Ray, NMR and AFM facilities can be accessed in nearby institutes.

The microbiology unit of the CBI, the LMGM, hosts 7 groups internationally renowned for their research on the evolution and the molecular and cellular biology of bacteria through integrative analysis of key fundamental mechanims.

In order to reinforce its research endeavors in an inspiring and collaborative environment, the CBI is seeking talented group leaders in microbiology.

All basic research projects are welcome. Particular attention will be given to:

Integrative approaches addressing fundamental questions in molecular and cellular microbiology, with emphasis on the use of Cryo-Electron Microscopy, post-genomics approaches and/or live cell imaging.

* Interactions between microbes in complex communities (including bacteriophages) and between microbes and their hosts in pathogenic or mutualistic conditions;

*  Molecular mechanisms, physiology and evolution of resistance, tolerance and persistence to antibiotics

* Quantitative and computational biology of microbes: Systems biology and modelling applied to the physiology of bacteria and their viruses.

The selected candidates will be provided with a starting package including office and lab space, services and staff support, seed funding, mentoring to obtain a tenured position and installation grants. They will benefit from the CBI on-site core facilities and a collaborative and multinational scientific environment, in an ambiance fostering equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Outstanding early-career candidates, of any nationality, are expected to develop competitive, independent research and meet the required criteria for successful application    to national and international funding (ATIP Avenir, FRM, ANR JCJC, ERC-StG or CoG, or equivalent installation grant), and to a tenured position in a French research institution (University of Toulouse, CNRS). Senior researchers holding a permanent position from these institutions are also welcome to apply.

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